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Dear parents and students,


We are pleased to provide you with an overview of the English long range plans (planification globale) where you'll find the general information about the material covered in class, the projects we will endeavour and the evaluations students will go through.

Right under, you will see examples of multimedia projects done in the last years. These projects were made 100% by our students.

Multimedia projects always include notions seen in class. Take the first 4 videos for example. In November, we discuss about the effects of peer pressure on teenagers in unit 3 of the Moving Up student book. Students then have to realise a public service announcement (PSA) that will be presented to the rest of the school on the school public television screens. These videos are used as universal prevention and students get tu use all their creativity to help their peers make the right choice. Students also have to reinvest the grammar covered in class (e.g. the simple verb tenses, past and future).


In the next series of videos, students had to invent a completely new product that would bring an innovative solution to an every day life problem and shoot an infomercial video while including a certain number of the multimedia (video shooting and editing, 3D design, compositing modes, etc.), marketing strategies and grammar notions learned during the year. It becomes their sec. 1 integrative project.


Here is a link that will lead you to ECHO (school portal) if you want to consult your student's personal evolution at school (results, comments, etc.).



Public Service Ad Project 
Secondary one

Introduction to video editing, storyboard, moods and inference. Videos are presented to the entire school as part of our universal prevention campaign.


Bullying; don't face this alone
Cette vidéo a remporté le prix de la meilleure prise de vue réelle au Freeze Frame Festival de Winnipeg en mars 2022.
 2021 Don't trust just anyone you meet online

Vapotage; dépendante de ta nouvelle amie?
Cette vidéo a remporté le prix de la meilleure pub sociétale au Festival Langues et Multimédia en mai 2022.
 2021 Bullying? You can do something about it.
 2020 STOP Bullying
 2019 Cyber zombie
Cyber predators 2017
Bullying 2018
 2020 Drugs - Don't Even Try!
Cyber zombie II 2019
See something? Say something! 2018
Using Drugs 2017

The Infomercial Project 
Secondary one

3D modelling, video compositing - special effects, image editing, entrepreneurship.

WatchMove 2022
Yin-Visible 2019
ROBuddy 2018
X-Class 2017
Tele-Port 2022
DoLie 2021
CST 2019
ButtonAp-Here 2018
TSS 2017
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