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is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

Knowledge is limited, imagination is not. In fact, imagination leads to knowledge.


This is our philosophy.

In Langues et Multimédia, we strongly believe that the students' imagination and creativity hold the key to better academic achievement. This is also what the most recent research on education points out.


By providing each student with a dynamic and motivating learning environment where he or she can express his or her creativity through challenging multimedia projects , we are making sure that the student's motivation for school is maintained all year long.

There's no miracle about this; we simply make learning fun by enabling our students to use their imagination and creativity. Knowledge then just kicks in naturally.


The projects on the right and below illustrate this idea very well. Students had to create a PSA (prevention short video). Each team came up with their own issue and their own original and creative way to express their message.

2022 PSAs

is intelligence having fun.

Creativity is using knowledge towards innovation. It is both fun and challenging.

That is what we see each year.

In LM, we give our students a lot of room so they can express their creativity. With technological advances going at light speed, creativity has been identified as one of the major asset someone can have in this dawning 21st century.

2021 PSAs

2020 PSAs

2019 PSAs

2018 PSAs

2017 PSAs

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