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Langues et Multimédia prides itself in being affordable while having high standards.


The program tuition cost is 200$ per year. It covers the multimedia material and licences used in the program. The Ministry of Education (MEQ) pays back this tuition cost so parents don't have to pay extra fees to be in LM (as of 2023).

We also request that our students have a 16go SD card and a headset with audio jack. 

Trips (non-obligatory)*

-Boston - 4 days sec. 1:               650$ approx.

-Canadian city - 4 days  sec.2     600$ approx.

*We highly recommend that students participate to these trips. Fundraising campaigns are offered to help you cut the bill.

BH group pict 1
QM Boston sweaters Iness Livi Alicia Aly
MT WAS Jeremy Fay Alexis L Olivier L Fel
USS Amanda and her friend see melissa
HAV bunch of melissa's students 2
BH Will 14 and Samuel Cloutier 13 Zakim
HAV Jade X and 3 girls see Melissa
Mt Wash Cog Railway
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