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Welcome future students and parents!



Thank you for your interest in joining the Langues et Multimédia Program next year.


Please note that as in every other school of the CSDN, there is NO admission exam to enter in Langues et Multimédia.


Admission to the program is based on the analysis of the student's report card (bulletin) of Grade 5 (June) and on a written interview that will be conducted in the student's primary school in order to assess his or her motivation to join our program.

Interested parties are invited to fulfill the admission form and to return it before October 6th, 2023 at their primary school (who will forward us the form directly). Grade 6th students interested in Langues et Multimédia will complete the written interview at their primary school between October 16th and 27th.

Acceptance to the program will be confirmed between November 8th and 10th by phone.


If you haven't heard from us by November 13th, please call at school from 8h30 to 16h15 at 418-838-8500 extension 21701.


Looking forward to having you with us next year.





Line Lemaire,

School principal

École Champagnat, Guillaume-Couture

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