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Welcome to Langues et Multimédia!


LM is a program offered at Champagnat School in Lévis at the commission scolaire des Navigateurs (CSDN). Champagnat is a junior high school (sec. 1 and sec. 2) and is part of Champagnat-Guillaume-Couture (CGC) School.

Our enrollment for 2023-2024 at Champagnat is approximately 575 students, out of which 265 are LM students. This makes our school a middle-sized one and thus, a great place to learn because we know our students by their first name. The humane size of our school also makes it a perfect environment for the transition between primary and secondary school. 


Students who graduate from our school move on to pursue their studies at Pointe-Lévy, right across the street, where the continuation LM in secondary 3, 4 and 5 is offered.


This website has all the information you may need to know about Langues et Multimédia.

Enjoy your visit!


The LM team

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A 30th year of new challenges!

Langues et Multimedia's history began in 1993 when our school started offering an enriched English option; Option-Anglais.


In 1999, a computer-based approach was added to the enriched English option and Option-Anglais became Anglais-Informatique.


Then, in 2010, the program was also renewed by integrating multiple multimedia platforms (image and video editing, video compositing, 3D modelling, coding, etc.) and by adopting a full communicative approach. Langues et Multimedia as we know it was born, still offering enriched English with a more-enthralling-than-ever environment.


Since 1993, over 1700 students have graduated from our EESL programs.



Langues et Multimédia is a fully recognized five-year program at the centre de services scolaires des Navigateurs (CSSDN), enabling its students to get free transportation, as long as they live on the school board territory.

On the right, the program apotheosis in secondary 5: the Festival Langues et Multimédia (FLM) where our graduating students present their amazing short film project.

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