Posted August 25th, 2019


Virtual Reality (VR) is now... part of our reality!

Langues et Multimédia is a constantly evolving program and this year again, we are adding new stuff to our program. The goal of adding new things every year is to keep our program as interesting and as challenging as possible while ensuring that our students get the best monitoring to enable them to perform at 100%.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Starting this year, we are integrating VR into our program curriculum. Using Windows Mixed Reality technology, we'll be able to unlock all the potential and the possibilities brought by this new technology. Whether it's to create full 3D environments in Arts (see the video below - yes! we do have the Google Tilt Brush!) or visit an ancient Roman city in History class, VR will really take our students to the next level.













Adobe Creative Cloud: now officially going into LM2 

Our migration to Adobe Creative Cloud started mostly in LM1 last year will now continue its way into LM2 this year. Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects will keep being developped by our dynamic teachers... and students! LM3 to LM5 students are already using it. So this year will be the first in our program history where all five grades will develop on a uniform but so creative platform.




LM2: going to Washington this year

As our program grows, so is the need for interesting international destinations. With our colleagues of Pointe-Lévy, we took the decision to move our traditional LM2 trip to New York to LM4. Instead, we are now offering Washington to our LM2 students. Washington is a great city for 8th-graders with all its Smithsonians museums, historical sites (that they've seen in class) and many other interesting sites. Going to New York in 10th grade will also allow our LM4 students to do more mature activities there that they couldn't do while they were going in 8th grade.

...And welcome Miss Lisa!

This year's language assistant will be Lisa Xu. All of our LM students will get to spend 75 minutes per cycle in subgroups of 10 and experience various conversation-based activities and games with Miss Lisa. Our English assistant is always an important pillar of the communicative approach used in LM and we are privileged have English assistants with us year after year.